Innovative Healthcare is more than Revenue Cycle Management

We go beyond traditional RCM and coding services to meet the ever-changing needs of modern medical practice.  We combine emerging technology, solid billing, and coding fundamentals with our proprietary technology, CIMS (Clinical Information Management System) in order to supply our clients with accurate data related to cases, charges, RVU’s, and payments.  In addition, we provide clinical information critical to the management of the physician practice. 

Relationship, Performance, Integrity

We believe in strong relationships with our clients.  We desire to have a full understanding of each client's needs and deliver realistic and effective solutions to those needs.  We pay attention to the smallest detail while maintaining transparency in every step of the process.  Our innovative way of reporting is not to produce vast amounts of data, but to collect, manage, process, distribute, and deliver that data in a quick and concise yet very informative format. 

Our Mission

Innovative's mission is to add value to your practice, whether it is a physician practice or a hospital.  We believe in building better healthcare businesses one relationship at a time.  We accomplish our mission by developing the most effective solutions for each of our clients.

Our Offices

Our home office is located in Edmond, OK just north of Oklahoma City.  We currently have additional offices in Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, and Austin.

Our Staff

Our staff is led by CHBME certified managers, including our CEO Ron Decker. 

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